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Complex Landscape:

Thyroid nodule diagnosis is challenging

Arriving at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan requires comprehensive information

ATA guidelines recommend more individualized care, as “…risk stratification is the cornerstone of individualized thyroid cancer management”2

Afirma enables individualized care and is supported by both ATA and NCCN guidelines

The Afirma Platform:

A unified and simple solution for all of your patients

Gain accurate and clinically actionable results from the first FNA

Comprehensive answers, confident decision-making, and personalized treatment

Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier:

Conclusively rule out surgery

Clinically validated

Real-world proven

Dependable Hürthle cell distinction


Trusted diagnostic certainty with Afirma GSC

Afirma Xpression Atlas (XA):

Confidently tailor treatment

Inform selection of surgical and therapeutic decisions

  • Afirma XA is informed by TCGA and extensive published literature to form a comprehensive panel* comprised of:

  • Afirma XA includes the most common and emerging variants and fusions associated with thyroid carcinoma, such as:

  • Afirma XA detects variants and fusions that may inform targeted therapy, such as:

*Levels of clinical relevance may vary based on specific variant/fusion identified by Afirma XA

For detailed literature reference of specific variants and fusions, refer to

Ordering Afirma Xpression Atlas is as simple as checking a box on your Afirma Test Requisition Form

Afirma GSC and Xpression Atlas:

Count on a simplified experience for your patients and your practice

Veracyte is committed to providing patient access regardless of financial situation

  • Covered by Medicare with no copayment12
  • Covered in-network by most commercial payers (over 260 million patients)12
  • The Veracyte Access Program supports both uninsured and commercially insured patients with financial need12

Get answers quickly12, reduce worry and wait

  • All-inclusive collection kit
  • Afirma GSC and XA on the same test requisition form

The Veracyte portal and mobile app

  • Easily receive, manage, and search electronic patient reports
  • Access the Veracyte portal at:
  • Download the Veracyte app from your mobile app store
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