Validated in a pivotal study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Afirma GEC reclassifies FNAs with indeterminate* cytopathology results as either benign or suspicious for cancer.1


Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis is a comprehensive solution that combines the advantages of specialized cytopathology with the power of genomics. Afirma GEC analyzes the expression level of 142 different genes. Together, these genes demonstrate a recognizable pattern of expression in benign thyroid nodules.1

Only Veracyte offers Afirma GEC – the driving innovation that is helping physicians reduce the number of unnecessary thyroid surgeries.

Clinically significant
and validated advancement

Studies show a 90% reduction in surgeries on cytopathology-indeterminate nodules with an Afirma GEC Benign result compared to nodules with indeterminate cytopathology alone.2,3 Often, doctors then choose to follow patients with ultrasound, rather than referring for surgery, and their decisions persist over time.2,3

Afirma GEC demonstrates clinical validity, clinical utility, analytical validity
and cost-effectiveness in a wealth of published, peer-reviewed studies.