• New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Pivotal Validation Study Results Suggesting that the Afirma Gene Expression Classifier can Reduce Unnecessary Thyroid Surgeries
    For Physicians
    Confirms the test's high Negative Predictive Value as reported in earlier smaller studies.
    For Patients
    The Gene Expression Classifier provides more clarity to inconclusive cytopathology results.
  • The Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis: A Novel Solution for Assessment that Combines Specialized Cytopathology and the Gene Expression Classifier
    For Physicians
    The testing routinely delivers clear, consistent and actionable diagnosis
    For Patients
    Afirma enables your physician to provide you a final diagnosis from one single visit
  • The Afirma Gene Expression Classifier: Applying Genomics to Resolve Ambiguous Cytopathology Results
    For Physicians
    Gene expression signature for benign thyroid nodules resulting from whole genome approach
    For Patients
    The activity levels of your nodule's genes are used to determine whether it is benign
  • The Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis Begins with Clear, Timely and Actionable Cytopathology Results
    For Physicians
    Cytopathology offered through a partnership with thyroid-only specialty group
    For Patients
    Most patients receive a final diagnosis by cytopathology alone
What's New:
Why Afirma?

The Afirma Thyroid FNA Analysis:

  • Enables physicians to identify patients
    who may avoid surgery
  • Empowers confident and timely clinical decisions from a single patient visit
  • Gives patients access to specialized cytopathology and robust science
  • Allows patients to receive better care
    at a lower cost
  • Integrates seamlessly into a physician's workflow
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